Taco Bell Employee Goes Viral For Helping A Deaf Man Order Using Sign Language


When a deaf man came into Taco Bell to order his food, he was having difficulty being able to tell the employee what he wanted. Thankfully, the young man in this video was there and he was fluent in sign language, something he had learned in high school. When he was able to speak with the customer through sign language, another customer began filming and it went viral almost immediately.

Caleb is not impressed with the fame of it all, he is just happy he was able to help someone. He has a passion for signing and has since had other deaf customers come in, just so he could take their order. It is wonderful to see a young man with such passion for wanting to help others. That is something we just do not see a lot of these days. After you watch this awesome video, Please SHARE on Facebook to honor Caleb and his efforts.

WEWS NewsChannel5

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