Taking in a Child Gave Back in a Life Saving way


Over 27 years ago this woman took in her son as he was given up for adoption. It took four years but she was finally able to complete the adoption while he was still young, and had no trouble raising him like he was her own. While it might have been tough back than raising a child that was not yours by birth, nor of the same skin color, she had no love lost for this young man. She raised him with all of that love, care and honesty that any young man should be proud of his mom for, and did so with an open heart.

The mother, Ingeborg McIntosh, was diagnosed with poly-cystic kidney disease and as a result would need to have a kidney transplant. As the family found out the devastating news, the son, Jordan McIntosh secretly had himself tested to see if he was a match for his mother. It turns out that he was a perfect match and was able to donate his kidney to his loving mother. She even told him every step of the way that it wasn’t too late for him to back out, but he wouldn’t. He wanted to give back to his mother who had taken the time to raise him well and treat him as if he belonged to her naturally.

The whole video is from a news broadcast of the pair and tells the entire story. If you have family with similar issues or just enjoy the story itself than, please SHARE on Facebook.


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