A Tale of Two Women Being Treated in the Emergency Room of a Catholic Hospital


In this video, you will see an episode of Untold Stories of the ER. Terry Foster is a nurse that has been working in the emergency room for forty years. When one of the hospital’s administrative nuns comes in for a hip injury, Terry works to make sure she is completely comfortable and well taken care of. Little does he know, a most unfortunate series of events is about to occur that will leave him embarrassed.

As you watch this video, you will be shocked to hear the story unfold. It seems the woman placed beside the dear old nun is not only a thief, alcoholic, and druggie but she also cusses like a sailor! These two women, on complete opposites of the social spectrum, are both receiving treatment in the ER. The chaos that ensues will have you amazed but make sure you watch to the end to see the nun’s reaction after it all goes down! After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to enjoy.

Terry Foster