Talent and Cuteness go Hand in Hand


This is a video clip from Britain’s Got Talent, and it involves a little boy named Robbie Firmin. Robbie happens to only be seven years old yet, yet he is bold, and full of energy as he tells a brief story about his family, especially his mother. It happens to be his mother’s birthday, so little Robbie wants to do his best, and show the world that just because he is only seven years old, he has some talent when it comes to singing.

Being so small he is literally dwarfed by the stage, but it doesn’t slow down his confidence. He is asked several questions from the judges before he is able to sing, and he tells the first judge that his mom needs a new boyfriend. He even jokes by saying it could be him, the judge on the stage, which elicits a laugh from the audience. He sings the song “My Way” and his little voice carries it very well. As he gets close to the end he actually stops and tells the audience that there is more to the song. He then finishes and listens to the feedback from the judges. As a result of his great performance he is given three yeses and moves on to the next round. After you watch this video please SHARE in Facebook.