A Talented Vocal Performance in an Informal Setting


Many of the vocal performances that people deliver in front of their friends and family tend to be lost ultimately, since no one recorded them. Twenty years ago, people didn’t walk around with their own cameras all the time, which wouldn’t have been technically or logistically feasible. Today, that’s actually possible, and the vocal performances that people will deliver will be immortalized in a way that never would have been possible even a decade before this point.

The performance in this video is excellent, and the video itself is clearly a non-professional video. The framing is reminiscent of a smartphone video, regardless of whether or not this actually was recorded in that manner. The people watching this video will be able to imagine that they’re watching the performance live, or that they’re recording it live, which are both very real experiences today. People on Facebook will like this video, and they will find that they can relate to it.