Taste the Rainbow


Everyone’s favorite Canadian baking mom is back with yet another video for a tasty rainbow snack that’s simple to make and fun to present: rainbow squisharoos. With large marshmallows and Ziploc bags full of different flavors of jell-o powder, she takes us through the simple three-step process of making these colorful treats.

They’re even easier than they look to make: dunk a marshmallow into water, shake it up in the bag of powder, and then take it out and leave it to dry. When they’re fully dry, the jello-powder will form a crust on them not unlike that of a marshmallow peep that you would buy on the floor. These ones are obviously superior, though, because they’re fruit flavored and colorful.

Apart from showing how to make these clever little snacks, Tammy also gives the usual little points of advice, like how it’s a good idea to replace the water between flavors of jell-o powder so the colors don’t get mixed up. She also gives a review of the recipe and details ways the rainbow squisharoos can be served, from simply scattering them over a plate to lining them up on skewers for fancier presentation. One more recipe for her ever-expanding rainbow foods playlist down, countless more to go.

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