Teacher Decides To Wear The Same Outfit Every Day Of The Year-Find Out Why!


When a teacher overheard some students making fun of another student because they had worn the same outfit two days in a row, she jumped into action and knew she had to do something about it. She told her students she would wear the same outfit for a week. That dare turned into a big opportunity to teach her students a lesson they are likely never to forget! This video hopes to shed light on bullying so it can be stopped.

Each and every school day, this teacher puts on the same blouse and pants. At first, her fellow staff members and many students did not notice but then questions started pouring in and a dialogue was opened. Now, some of the students at the school are taking part to raise their awareness of bullying. If you believe this teacher has started one of the best fashion trends in school, Please SHARE on Facebook.

WNYT NewsChannel 13