Teacher Drags Special Needs Student By The Hair!


This shocking video is a parent’s worst nightmare! Can you imagine sending your special needs child to school and having them treated in the manner shown in this video? As you will see in the footage, a teacher is seen holding down a student and then pulling her across the floor by her hair. This took place in a high school in Mississippi and investigators are looking for answers.

We do not know the person who shot this video but a concerned parent posted it on social media, calling for the teacher to be fired. This is unconscionable and should never be excused! This teacher deserves to be fired and may also face criminal assault charges. As the student lays defenseless, this teacher takes full control, abusing the much smaller student. Although it is a difficult video to watch, this is something that needs to be seen by all. Please SHARE on Facebook so this teacher is held accountable.

Inside Edition