A Team of Dancers Prove That a Train Station is the Perfect Place for Entertaining


Many people find waiting in the train station to be the height of tedium. Trains will come on time or they won’t, but one way or another, the entire process is going to be dull and uninspiring as people wait. Not a lot of people are going to expect to hear songs from the Sound of Music playing very loudly when they’re waiting for their trains, and they certainly aren’t going to expect people to suddenly start dancing in front of them, but that’s exactly what happens in this video.

The dancers perform very well, which is all the more impressive given the limited rehearsal time that they were able to enjoy in advance. The entire situation, in fact, seems like the sort of thing that would only happen in a musical, which only adds to the entertainment value on a meta level. Many people on Facebook watching this video might wish that this sort of thing would happen to them.

Matthias De Boeck