Tear-Jerking Documentary of Filipino Maid in Singapore Makes You Appreciate What You Have at Home


This video is a documentary featuring Genelyn Beating, a 39-year-old Filipino woman working as a maid for a family in Singapore. What’s so heartbreaking – and touching – about this documentary, is the shear lengths that mothers and wives will go to, to provide a good living for their families. Called a “Kasambaha,” which is a word which means “housemaid,” but is comprised of the two root words: “kasama,” meaning companion, and “bahay,” which means “home,” Genelyn is one of thousands of domestic Filipino workers in Singapore.

Genelyn says that although her job isn’t hard, she is looked down upon, and it can be very difficult if you are not working for the right family. But, Genelyn is lucky, because her employer treats her well, so she comes back year after year to take advantage of their wealthy economy. However, just because she is treated well and has friends there, it doesn’t mean her heart doesn’t break from being away from her family.

She knows her kids are without their mother, but there is not as much work for her at home – and without the job she has as a maid, they wouldn’t even be able to go to school to learn. Yet, while money is needed, a woman can only take so much, and despite the need to support her family, when her contract ends, she won’t be coming back.
Most maids only stay for two years, so you can imagine the heartache she is going through. This is truly touching and should make everyone appreciate the time they have with their families. Please SHARE her story on Facebook.

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