Tearful Mom Warns Parents About the Dangers of RSV in Babies


This video was made as a warning for parents of babies so they could know what signs to look for to know their little one has RSV. Unfortunately, this virus can be deadly if it is not caught in time. As the Mom in the video instructs, the symptoms of RSV are very similar to those of a common cold. The main difference is the RSV virus causes labored breathing.

As you learn about this little one, you will be amazed at her fighting spirit. Though the doctors could give her oxygen and support, there was nothing they could do to help her fight the virus. This is something her little body had to do on its own. Although it was a tough couple of weeks, the parents are so relieved their little baby is well and they want to warn other parents about this dangerous virus. Make sure to watch this video and then Please SHARE on Facebook to warn others!

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