Teen Takes the Time to Shovel Snow For a Man With a Walker


Many adults think teenagers are rude but there are still some good teens left in this world. This teen went out of his way to help an older gentleman in a walker. In Nottoway a teen stops what he was doing to take the time to shovel snow for a man.

Tommy Adams saw a man with a walker having some trouble getting around in the snow. He stopped his plans for the time being to clear the snow out of the way for this man. He got out of his car and got a shovel and cleared a path for the man. No one told him to do this. Tommy just decided to do this good deed on his own to be helpful.

His mother cannot be more proud of her son. Tommy cleared out the driveway for this man so he could get out with his walker. Young men like this show that there are still some good people in this world that are willing to help others. Please SHARE in Facebook.