Teenage Girl Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Until Baby Fell Into Her Sweatpants


This is one of those stories you simply have to watch to believe. Even then, you will find yourself shaking your head over the ignorance! When a young teenage girl began complaining of stomach pains, her father rushed her to the emergency room to be checked out. As the young girl was writhing in pain, the head of her baby was suddenly in her sweatpants! This girl claims there was no way she was pregnant but if you watch the entire video, you will get the rest of the story.

When you hear the talk between the emergency room nurse and the teenage boyfriend of the girl, you will be worried about the future of the planet! Hearing what this boy thinks about conception will blow your mind and might even make you cringe. You may wonder if these two can even care for themselves, much less a newborn. If you think this video is unbelievable, Please SHARE on Facebook.