A Teenage Girl Leaves a Complimentary and Appreciative Message for a Group of Police Officers


Police officers often feel as if they are not appreciated enough. However, it is clear that some people do understand the sacrifices that they make and the difficulties involved with being the way that they are. The police officer in this video was in a restaurant with some other cops, and he received a napkin message from a teenage girl. She told him: ‘thanks for keeping us safe.’






In part, the officer wants to make this message in order to offer the girl his gratitude. She was actually willing to compensate the officers’ meals at the restaurant as another gesture of goodwill. Indeed, she managed to demonstrate that even many very young people understand the responsibilities of police officers. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since many police officers and their family members are going to appreciate it, and it is good to get a balanced perspective on public opinion.

Aliciia Thomas