A Teenage Girl and Her Mother Save a Poor and Starving Neglected Horse


While it is terrible to think of all of the animals that are abused each and every day, it is heartwarming to remember that a lot of other people are interested in helping them. The mother and daughter pair portrayed in this video saw an injured and starving horse on the side of the road. The daughter actually walked the horse back to their property for nine miles in order to get the horse to safety and then proceeded to sleep in the barn with her for five nights.

Today, the horse has recovered and she even seems to be comfortable around people again. Without the help of this mother and daughter pair, she may have perished outside after being starved and abused by her previous owners. This is a video that people should please SHARE on Facebook, since it helps raise awareness about both animal abuse and the people who are trying to end it.

Travis A. Probst