Teenager Who Doesn’t Even Know His Age Blows The X Factor Away With “Imagine”


Emmanuel Kelly is a name you are likely to not soon forget after watching this video. This poor child was found in the war zone of Iraq and lost one of his arms. Unfortunately, he was found without any identification or birth certificate so he is not sure of how old he is. When he was adopted, his mom changed his life and the life of his brother forever. It is amazing to see his story but it is even more amazing to hear his voice! This young man has been through so much and his song choice was very fitting.

As he sings John Lennon’s “Imagine”, you will be able to truly hear the emotion in his words. It is so touching to hear his amazing voice and he truly deserves the win on X Factor. Whether he will make it all the way or not remains to be seen but he truly deserves to be honored for his talent. After you watch, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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