A Teenager Who Spent Most of Her Life in the Foster Care System Gets Adopted Into a Family


Christmas is a holiday associated with the family. Sadly, a lot of the people who want traditional families don’t have them, which can make Christmas a bittersweet time of year for them. At least for the young girl in this video, all those difficult Christmases may be a thing of the past.

This video details her adoption into a large and loving family. Lots of parents want to have little kids, especially babies, which can make it very difficult for teenagers to get adopted into families. As such, the young girl in this video is that much luckier.

It’s always heartwarming to know that situations like this do happen, even in the complicated and difficult world of foster parenting. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is a truly touching video for the holidays, and it helps raise awareness about a very important issue that many people ignore.