This Ten-Year-Old Girl Can Jump Amazing Hurdles Just Like a Racehorse!


This is a little girl who believed her parents when they said she could be anything she wanted in life! She took their words quite literally and decided she wanted to become a human horse jumper. Little Anna Salander has a unique hobby. She has taken her love of horses to a whole new level and mimics their movements, jumping hurdles while on all fours. This is a video you simply must see to believe!

As you watch this cute girl begin her routine, you will be blown away at the form she uses as she is running and jumping. Although we know she is fully human, she takes on the running gait of the creature she most adores! She goes from jumping low jumps to higher and higher difficulties, easily clearing each hurdle with no problem. This video will amaze you and give you something to talk about around the water cooler at work. Check out this unique performance and then Please SHARE on Facebook!

Gunnel Henricsson