Terminally Sick Lady Makes A Shocking Request Before Her Death. What A Way To Say Bye!


Life is all about the relationship that you have with people or creatures around you. It is the one thing that will make you happy when you are sad and other things have lost their significance. Sometimes, when you feel alone or need to meditate and get away from the daily troubles, you just find the one thing that you love most. That is how powerful relationships can be.

It does not matter where you are or who you are with, no matter how difficult your circumstance are, what you truly love will always bring you happiness. In the video below, we see a woman who is terminally ill make her last wish. She asks to see her dog. She felt that they had spent a happy time together and she needed to say goodbye before she passed on. It was difficult for her to do this but it must also have given her pleasure to know that she was ready for it.

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