A Terribly Premature Infant Makes a Remarkable Recovery in the Hospital


Many premature infants do not manage to survive, not even in an era with advanced medical technology. The infant portrayed in this video did manage to survive. Weighing in at just over a pound and emerging from the womb sixteen weeks before his due date, the infant was very fortunate to have made it.

He had to spend an astonishing amount of time in the hospital in order to get to that point, and was around a year old when he finally got the opportunity to go home for good. To look at him in this video as he is now, no one would ever know that he was a premature infant. His recovery is inspiring, even though the ordeal must have been terrible for everyone involved, especially given how long it lasted. People on Facebook would love this video, especially if they personally have experienced a situation like this in their families.

Angela W. Winslow