A Terrified Child Who Sees Her Shadow For The First Time


You will find this video adorable but at the same time you will laugh your lungs out. Kids will always do something that’s out of the ordinary. This video will show you how an innocent girl doesn’t know that dark thing standing next to her is her shadow.

The video starts when this young gorgeous girl is out in the sun. She seems okay at first end looks like she is responding to who seems to be her mom. But this changes when she sees her shadow for the first time.

She is totally terrified and screams while running but the shadow, as expected, follows her. She falls down and cries desperately. When she stands up, she finds the same shadow still following her. You just have to watch this video to see why a baby is called a baby. This is an incredible video you need to show it to your friends. You can SHARE it in Facebook.