Texas Cheerleaders Create Christian Banners That Are Banned During Football Game


This video is eye-opening to watch, no matter what opinion you may have. As you watch this news story, you will hear about a Texas high school that is on the hot seat because of the Christian banners that were created by their cheerleaders. These banners featured encouraging Bible verses for the players to run through as they entered the field. Unfortunately, one lone person was not happy with the banners and reported them as unconstitutional.

Although the girls were told to take the banners down, they did not do so sitting down. They immediately hired a lawyer and went to court so they could stand before a judge. Because these banners were the idea of the students and not the school, they argue they have the right to use them. Will the judge rule in their favor? Only time will tell! After you have watched this video, Please SHARE on Facebook to support these cheerleaders.