If You Text and Drive, it may be Your Last Ride


Texting and driving is an epidemic among drivers. They feel the need to check their messages, or update their loved ones about their current trip. But this is not without its consequences. Thousands of people die each year due to sending or checking a text on the road. Most of these victims are under 25 years old. How can this craze be stopped?
The plan was simple. Get a bunch of teens who are taking their road test and convince them that there is a new measurement to see if one is an adequate driver. The instructor tells the young driving hopefuls that they must be able to drive with using their mobile devices in order to get their license.
Some of the responses are outright hysterical. One boy exclaims, “Plenty of people crash, I’m telling you!” And a lot of the youngsters dish out expletives.
The instructor shouts at the students what to text as they’re in the middle of difficult driving maneuvers. The results are disastrous. Many times, the car spins out. People shout out, “That’s impossible!” The boy who shouted about the crashes earlier says, “If this becomes the law, I’ll stop driving.”
And there you have it. While it would be impossible to deter everybody with this test, the results prove that once the drivers see the risks, they are far less likely to engage in this reckless driving behavior. SHARE this video with all the young drivers you know, or parents of youngsters, and try to stop this epidemic before it claims more unnecessary victims.