Thailand Province Offers Bountiful Fruit Buffet To Thank Monkeys For Bringing In Tourists


This video is quite a treat to see because it features the annual Thai celebration of monkeys. This province in Thailand gets many tourists each year simply because of the large population of monkeys it has. To thank these creatures, the province offers them a buffet of fruit and vegetables each year to let them know how very much they are appreciated.

It is so fun to see the monkeys enjoying all of the delicious produce! They get so excited over the melons and vegetables and you can clearly see they are having a blast. What a wonderful celebration this is and the monkeys and citizens all look so forward to the event each year. These monkeys are treated like royalty on this special day which means so much to everyone involved. What a joy to see these monkeys eating their bounty! Have fun watching and don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.