The Thank You Project: Finding & Honouring the Heroes


In 2004, Kellie and AJ’s life changed with the birth of their new child, Eli. Life was everything they wanted it to be until 14 weeks later when everything went from good to bad. Kellie, AJ, and Eli were in a serious car accident; AJ was killed immediately, and Eli was severely injured. Eli experienced a variety of seizures and strokes, and he also had bleeding on his brain.Doctors didn’t think that Eli had much of a chance live, but if he were to live, they thought he was going to be incapable of walking, talking, or showing emotion. A group of individuals worked on Eli in hopes to save his life. Less than a week after the accident, Eli was discharged from the hospital, and Kellie got to take him home.

10 years after the accident, in 2014, Kellie started the Thank You Project. She wanted to find all of the heroes that helped saved her sons life. Not only did she want to find them, she wanted to thank and honour them. Kellie contacted a variety of people and located all of the individuals involved in helping Eli recover; these individuals included doctors, nurses, and helicopter pilots.

Kellie wanted to give them the recognition they deserved because they did everything they could to help Eli so he could continue on with his life after the accident. After contacting all of the heroes, Kellie thanked them and invited them to an event in which she honoured them in front of family and friends. Eli is now 10 years old and fully healthy; he beat the odds and can walk, talk, and show emotion. Please SHARE in Facebook.

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