Things to Keep in Mind before You Slip on That Air of Leggings


All girls are confused regarding how to wear leggings. Should you wear them with a short top or a long top? Should you pair it with that new dress you bought last Christmas? What colour of leggings should you wear? Do white coloured leggings make sense? Watch this video of a lady clearing all your doubts and telling you how to wear leggings. So the next time you go out follow these steps to avoid a fashion faux pas.

The lady explains why she loves her leggings and how comfortable they can be. And more, she tells just how not to wear them. For one, it is never a good idea to pair leggings with a short shirt. You don’t want too much on display. She explains in her typical accent that you do not need to show off your innerwear while you wear leggings.

That is also why you shouldn’t wear white leggings as they are translucent. She also goes on to tell you why tight leggings are a bad idea too. These actually make sense for girls and something they need to keep in mind before wearing a pair of leggings. SHARE it on Facebook if you too love your leggings.

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