Three Brave Sisters Fight Cancer Together and Get the Surprise of a Lifetime


Can you imagine an entire group of siblings getting cancer around the same time? In this video, you will meet three brave sisters who are fighting cancer. What they do not know, is they are about to be surprised in a huge way! Katie was the first to be diagnosed and she was found to have colon cancer. Cassie and Krystal, Katie’s sisters, were both diagnosed with breast cancer, so all of them were fighting the battle at the same time. This video shows them being surprised at a movie theater.

These three sisters and their Mom think they are there to enjoy a private showing of a movie and they have no idea what is in store for them. Kyle and Jackie O decided they wanted to take away some of the painful memories of the last couple of years and replace them with happy ones. These three sisters and their Mom are given the best gift they could ask for! Watch the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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