Three Courageous Sisters are Fighting Cancer – The Surprise They Get Will Blow You Away


After watching their Mom fight ovarian cancer when they were young, these three sisters had no clue they would one day begin their own battles. Katie was first diagnosed with bowel cancer and went through two years of chemotherapy treatments. In the midst of her treatments, both of her sisters learned they had breast cancer and are now fighting for their own lives. This touching video will make you shed many tears for the struggle of these four women and how they have refused to give up!

As you watch this beautiful video, you will be thrilled to see the surprise that awaits these four as they think they are simply going for a surprise movie viewing. When KIIS 1065 suddenly bursts in, they reveal these lovely ladies are about to embark on the trip of a lifetime! Finally, they will be able to spend time together and put some of the tragedy of their lives behind them so they can rise in triumph! After watching this beautiful video, Please SHARE on Facebook so the rest of the world can enjoy!

KIIS 1065

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