Three-Month-Old Baby Commits the Cutest Act


Babies tend to commit the cutest acts, and this video, which has been watched by more than four million individuals, can definitely attest this.

In this video, you will witness a young man sitting in a sofa and holding a 3-month-old baby. This baby is laughing for the very first-time in her life. This bundle of joy is enjoying this new emotion, as he/she is laughing like there is no tomorrow, for no apparent reason.

The man in the video and the woman who is filming the scene cannot contain their laughter. It appears that they can’t believe how much the baby is enjoying himself/herself when laughing. This baby is very adorable and is exploring the sound of her laugh which is one of the major reasons why this video keeps attaining so many views every day.

If you want to be captured by the cuteness of this unique 3-month-old baby, watch this video. (Don’t forget to rate it and share it with your friends on Facebook.)