Three-Month-Old Baby Proves That He Can Get the Hang of Words Just Fine


It’s definitely a very beautiful thing when a parent is able to hear his/her baby speak for the very first time. Most of the times, parents have to wait more than a year in order to hear their baby say his/her first words, but sometimes, it can occur sooner than that; take this video, which has been viewed by almost two million individuals in less than two weeks, as proof.
The baby in this video is only three-months-old. This baby is being held by his father, who is teaching him to speak. At the end, the father says ‘I love you,’ and the baby repeats the same three words, with a few struggles, but he is able to pitch it just like his father pronounced it.
It’s quite an amazing video, which is why it keeps attaining more and more views every day. This video proves that contrary to popular belief, babies can get the hang of words in the first couple of months.
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