Three Newborn Puppies Were Callously Tossed In A Shelter And Left To Die


This video is one that is truly touching to watch. When three newborn puppies were tossed in an animal shelter, they were facing being euthanized because there was no one to care for them. The Vet Ranch was called and they immediately agreed to take the puppies in. This took tons of work and dedication but with help and donations, they were able to raise the pups and prepare them for loving homes. When you see these three sweeties, you will not be able to help but smile!

These puppies are so sweet and adorable, you will want to hug them all! These dogs were so lovingly raised by the veterinarian and her staff, they will surely make the best pets. It is important for people to realize newborn pups need to be with their mother until they are weaned or they could die. If you wish you could adopt all three, Please SHARE on Facebook.

Vet Ranch