Three Puppies And Their Mother get Rescued After A Horrific Eartquake


After the horrific earthquake that greatly affected the people of Peril back in 2014, Marcos Polanco, together with his animal rescue team embarked on a quest to bring refuge to the affected families. When they started out, they began small as they didn’t have either the financial power or equipment to handle the huge demand for aid.

In this video, Marcos leads his team to a small village in Peril that is in wreckage and in need of a makeover. They find a white skinny dog that seems to have been really hit by the hard times. Even worse, the mother had just given birth to three cute new born puppies.

The puppies are maximum two days old as they are still very weak and they can barely walk or see. The team of rescuers cleans the area and examines the puppies before moving them to a better location. As sad as it is, it is still nice to see these cute puppies rescued and given a chance for a better life.
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