Three-Year-Old Calls 911 After His Mom Has a Seizure


This video tells the story of an amazing little boy named Guy. He is only three years old but he was able to save his mom’s life by calling 911. Although they had a bit of trouble understanding what the little boy was saying, they garnered enough from the conversation to know something was wrong and sent an ambulance right away. Thankfully, the woman lived to tell about it and is doing fine now.

The little boy in this video was honored with a special award from his local Firefighters and he got to tour the trucks. He truly deserves the honor because he will always be a hero to his mom! She could have suffered life-changing brain injuries if he had not gotten help. It is important all children know how to call 911 in case of an emergency. After you have watched this amazing story, Please SHARE on Facebook to recognize this boy for his bravery.