This Three-Year-Old Is a Die Hard Led Zeppelin Fan and Can Recognize Their Songs By Ear


When Daddy pulls out his electric guitar, his sweet little three-year-old is fully engaged because she knows Daddy can skillfully play many Led Zeppelin tunes. This video will amaze you as you see this little girl be able to accurately name each Led Zeppelin tune her Daddy begins to play. With just a few strums of the guitar, she instantly begins to shout out the name of the song, never missing a beat!

If you are a Led Zeppelin fan, you would be hard-pressed to exhibit the level of skill this little one does. This is one of those videos you simply must see to believe. It looks like Daddy is training his little girl to be a rock n’ roll princess! When she says she wants to hear rock n’ roll and begins to dance, your heart will melt. After you have watched this sweet video, Please SHARE on Facebook so other Led Zeppelin fans can see a new generation of fans is arising!