Three-Year-Old Girl Celebrates Her Unique Birthday On Election Day!


The little girl in this video has the unique honor of having to celebrate her birthday on Election Day! For her special day, her mother dressed her up as both candidates and took the most adorable pictures of her. Seeing this little cutie in all her glory will have you laughing out loud! She sure hams it up for the cameras and it is clear she was having the time of her life!

It is awesome that her mom is already teaching her about politics and the importance of voting. Mom made sure to stop and vote as they went about celebrating this sweet girl’s day. Haizlee Gardini makes a most adorable Trump and Clinton! As she wears her shirt that says, “Vote For Me” you will wish you could because she will make you fall in love with her adorable smile. Watch this cute video and do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.