A Tiger’s Best Friend is not What you Might Think


Finding a good babysitter can be hard. You want someone to care for your kids, and play with them, of course to feed them, and give them all the attention possible when you can’t be there for them. So if your children were baby tigers, would you give them to just any babysitter?

This babysitter happens to be an Orangutan, and she is more than enough of a loving spirit to take care of these tiger cubs. She plays with them, and rocks them. She even feeds them from a bottle when they are hungry. This video shows just how much love the animal world has, and how one animal can learn how to care for others outside of its species. This thirty second video shows what the orangutan has learned from her handlers as they were caring for the tiger cubs themselves.

She wanted to give it a shot herself, and she does a remarkable job on her own. Share this video on Facebook with all of your animal loving friends.