TODAY Hosts Get Into Hot Debate Over The Ryan Lochte Scandal


When the Ryan Lochte Olympic scandal broke out, the world seemed to immediately take sides. Some stand with Lochte and believe he was confused in the event that happened while others are adamantly against his actions. This video features the panel from Today. As Al Roker, Billy Bush, and Natalie Morales discuss this hot issue, they seem to take different sides with Al becoming very angry over the lies!

Whether you are on the side of Ryan Lochte or you side with most of the world in saying he is a liar, it is clear the entire truth was not revealed by Ryan. Many people feel he owes his country and his sponsors an apology. In this video, it appears Billy is attempting to play devil’s advocate with Al. Do you agree with Billy that we need more information before forming an opinion or are you with Al and believe Ryan is a liar? Please SHARE on Facebook so all your friends can weigh in on the subject.