The Tonight Show Remembers Prince–Music Icon and Ping Pong Enthusiast


Since Prince’s sad demise this year, more secrets are being discovered about the versatile talents and hobbies of the late musician. On the Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon relates hilarious stories of his interactions with Prince.
The first story involves Fallon being urged to attend a Prince concert. He had always been a fan; however, Jimmy had never attended one of Prince’s live events. The audience breaks up laughing as Jimmy does a spot on impression of Chris Rock scolding, “You Got To Go See Prince!”. So, taking his friend’s advice, Fallon goes to the concert and is approached by Prince’s management company a few times during the concert to go up and dance on stage. Not being much of a dancer, Fallon hesitates but finally gives in, and soon finds himself not dancing with Prince, but with a few other unfortunates who thought they would be dancing with the superstar. Prince had left the building.

Prince had been interested in playing Ping-Pong with Fallon, but when The Tonight Show set up a table for one of Prince’s appearances on the show. Prince use it, but brought down the house with his musical performance.
Mysterious encounters with Prince continued, as Fallon and his drummer, Questlove, tell about the time Jimmy was again challenged to a game of ping pong by Prince. They met up at Susan Sarandon’s ping pong club in New York. Again, Fallon’s impressions were flawless, as he brings to life the encounter with the music superstar, and tells the story of how Prince whipped him at ping pong and then, as Fallon was ducking to retrieve the serve that won the game, disappeared into the night.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon