He Took Out A Sled And His Two Pomeranians And This Happened! Too ADORABLE!


As you can see in this video, a big snow fell, leaving behind a blanket of fluffy white that was just perfect for playing. When the man made a little sled for his two adorable Pomeranian pups, he knew they would have loads of fun playing in the snow but who knew it would be this cute! These two are fully ready for playing in the deep snow and they even have their own winter coats to keep them warm.

Dressed in perfect winter style, these two Poms have it made! When their tiny paws become too cold in the snow, their owner can simply pile them in the sled and pull them along for some winter fun. It is clear they are having the time of their lives and will look forward to the next snow when it comes around! Please SHARE on Facebook so your friends can enjoy too