She Took The Stage Accompanied By Her Dog, Then Everyone Was Left Speechless


When you get to perform at Britain’s Got Talent, you know that you’re up against some tough completion. But after these two made their performance, the audience immediately got their winner.

Jules O’Dwyer and Matisse, the dog, made the people’s hearts swell when they pulled off an epic performance on the stage, with Jules acting cop while Matisse was the sausage thief. The stunts they threw as the cop made efforts to arrest the thief were acts from another greater world, and the audience couldn’t help but cast over 5 million votes to crown the two!

At the end of their performance, something cool happened, and it got everyone, including Judge Simon, gasping!

They took home some good cash for the great act, a whole £250,000, and even got a coveted invitation to perform at the Royal Variety Performance. Great!

Watching them pull off their stunts on-stage, I couldn’t help but agree that this was the most creative performance we have seen this season. They’re so well-paced and choreographed to a heartbeat!

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