Top Twelve Artists From The Voice Rock Out To “Love Lockdown”


The Voice 2016 had a level of talent the world has been shocked by! These guys and gals gave it their all and ended up in the top twelve. Wé McDonald, Aaron Gibson, Brendan Fletcher, and Darby Walker made it really far in the competition. Although they did not make it all the way to the end, they proved to the world they have talent that cannot be beat!

In this performance of “Love Lockdown,” each of the artists were able to tap into their sultry side and create a cool hit that has a catchy vibe. “Love Lockdown” was originally performed by Kanye West but this group made it their own. Even though they did not make it to the top, each of these performers has the talent to create their own careers! You are going to love this funky video so make sure you watch the end and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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