A Touching Video of a Mother and Son Dancing Together at a Wedding


Dances at weddings can signify many things. A couple’s first dance as a married couple is often considered quite the event, and it is usually announced at the wedding reception when it happens. Some of the guests will meet each other and bond during the wedding dances. However, these occasions can also be great for the parents of the members of the married couple. Weddings are essentially family gatherings in many cases, and family gatherings create plenty of opportunities for touching familial moments.

In this video, a son dances with his handicapped elderly mother to the Mariah Carey ballad ‘Hero,’ which makes for a sad and touching moment. The lights at the reception are dim as well, which only serves to highlight the emotional aspects of the video itself, making it seem that much more dramatic and touching. Many people on Facebook would love this video, which might remind them of similar moments from their lives.

Kristeena Rheault

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