Tough Female Army Captain Finishes Grueling Twelve-Mile Field Test in Exhaustion


Only 17% of people make it successfully through the twelve-mile expert field test. When Captain Sarah Cudd decided she wanted to try for the badge of honor, she never doubted she could do it, even though the odds were stacked against her! This video shows how she almost gave up but kept going even though her body was screaming in pain. She worked as hard as she could to show herself and everyone else that she could do it!

As you watch this inspiring video, you will be amazed at Sarah’s determination and fortitude. Although she could have given in to the pain, she kept pushing to the very end and ended up completing the grueling twelve-mile field test in under three hours, as required. This is one of the toughest honors a person can obtain in the army. It is clear to see, this lady is ready for whatever comes her way! Watch this heroic video and then Please SHARE on Facebook.

Diya Nair