These Tough Guys May Not Look It But Their Voices Make Them Angels!


When these four tough guys come out on the stage of America’s Got Talent, no one is quite ready for what is about to take place, not even Simon! This group of men are dressed as tough guys and would be quite formidable if they were angry. As they say, if you cross one of them, you cross them all! When you watch this video, you will likely wonder what kind of talent they might offer to the competition. Although it is difficult to tell from their appearance, they have the singing voices of angels!

They call themselves Linkin Bridge. When they open their voices to begin singing an acapella version of Over the Rainbow, you will be absolutely blown away! They sound like true angels in a choir. Their voices blend perfectly together and Simon and the rest of the crew are amazed. Who would have thought these big toughies could sound so sweet and humble! If you were surprised by their performance, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can see you should never judge a book by its cover!

America’s Got Talent