Tractor Driver and Elephant Make a Connection


Numerous of people around the globe believe that love between animals and humans cannot be of grand nature, but the following video, which has been watched by thousands of individuals in just a couple of days, proofs otherwise.
In the video, you will see a tractor driver traveling through an isolated region. He soon encounters an elephant herd. One of the elephants approaches him and seems to desire affection; therefore, the driver doesn’t hesitate in caressing its face.
After this, the driver begins to proceed in his route, but the elephant decides to chase him. It appears that the driver cannot resist and decides to stop once more. A connection of love has definitely occurred between the tractor driver and the elephant. There is no doubt about that.
It is definitely an attention-grasping connection, which is why it keeps attaining more and more views. View it and tell your Twitter and Facebook friends about it!