Tragic Death of Boy who Drowned an Hour After Swimming


Every responsible parent keeps a close eye on their children while they’re in the pool. The risk of a child drowning is simply too great not to, and almost all drownings occur while a child is unsupervised. However, tragedy can strike even the most responsible parents. This mother paid close attention to her child as he went swimming in the local pool, and for all she knew, he was fine. They left, walked home, talked, and even bathed, before the boy expressed a desire to nap. She assumed he was simply tired after a day of exercise, so she gave him the go-ahead. That’s when tragedy struck.

It’s called “dry drowning,” when the lungs are filled with water and cause drowning after being in the water. Be sure to watch this video, to learn the signs and symptoms of dry drowning, and perhaps prevent a tragedy of your own in the future. SHARE this video on Facebook, and help educate your friends on the unseen dangers lurking in the local pool.