Try Sleeping on Your Left Side for Huge Health Benefits to Your Body


Everyone knows sleep is super important for the body’s health. Did you know your sleep position can play a pivotal role in how your body works? In this video, you will learn why you should start sleeping on your left side and what benefits it can offer your body. This sleep position can help with digestion, lymph drainage, and your heart. You will be astounded when you hear all of the benefits discussed by Dr. John Douillard.

  • encourage proper digestion
  • help heart circulation
  • support healthy spleen function
  • facilitate lympathic drainage
  • allow bile to flow more freely

Once you have watched this video, you will completely change your thinking about your sleep position each night. If you are not accustomed to sleeping on your left side, it may take several nights of adjustment before you feel comfortable. Your left side is the perfect side for you to sleep on and it can actually improve your health. This informative video is important for everyone to watch! Check it out and then Please SHARE on Facebook!

John Douillard

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