Turn Your Phone Into a Mounted GPS System With This Easy Hack


GPS devices can be expensive and they have to be mounted. While most phones offer a free GPS service, it can be difficult to follow a phone’s directions unless it is mounted. With this video, you will learn about a very simple hack you can use to be able to use your phone hands-free so you can get directions or talk without danger.

All you will need for this awesome hack is a simple rubber band. As you watch the video, you will see how super easy it is to make your phone hand’s free without having to purchase any expensive phone mounts. You simply thread the rubber band through your air and heat vent and then use it to secure your phone. Now, you will be able to use that helpful GPS system or talk to friends and family without worrying about impeding your driving ability. Check out this informative video and then Please SHARE on Facebook to help others!


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