Twelve Year Old Beau Dermott Flawlessly Performs Wicked’s “Defying Gravity” on Britain’s Got Talent


The week one auditions of Britain’s Got Talent blew the judges away but this twelve-year-old became a favorite from the moment she opened her mouth to sing. Singing the truly difficult song, Defying Gravity from Wicked, this young girl amazes the audience with the powerful singing voice she holds hidden in her diminutive frame. This is an audition performance that no one should miss! As you watch this video, you may want to eventually close your eyes and simply bask in her talent!

It is clear to see in this video, Beau quickly becomes a favorite of judge, Amanda Holden. Even Simon seems blown away when he realizes the level of talent this young girl possesses. You will be amazed at her level of poise and professionalism as she stands before the judges, the audience, and the world for her chance at stardom. Check out this mind-blowing performance and then Please SHARE on Facebook so the world can appreciate her talent!