Twice Down the Aisle. The Reason? You’ll Be Surprised


We watched multiple videos on the most amazing proposals around the world. And in truth, they get so viral that women on the other side of the computer feel nauseous with envy.

We witness the near happily ever after ending to a couple but never truly see what goes beyond the diamond ring.

How long do you think a newlywed spark lasts? a year or two? How about giving it 10 years?

A married couple who witnessed both the worst and best of their lives spent together still maintain the flicker of excitement in all those years of marriage?

Here in this video, we witness a husband whose burning ardent love for his wife wished to have that magical feel they once had a couple of years back. And what better way to celebrate the tenth than walking down the aisle for the second time around. Yes, to the same man all over again.

Never mind the highlights of the perfect gown to the perfect cake flavouring and flower arrangement, just have the effort to make things work for the sake of love and the growth it will further have in the future.

Twice down the aisle is possibly the most magical way for a husband to fulfil the subconscious wishes of his wife. Because there really is nothing greater than a husband saying I love you than saying the words, ‘Will you marry me… again?’ with the kids they both bore.

Let this passionate drive from a loving husband inspire you much like we were.